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Are you looking for the right kind of clothes to wear during pregnancy? Or are you trying to find comfortable clothes that help you with the changes happening in your body while expecting a baby? Never worry. Here are some tips for youto choose the right type of clothes during the time of expectancy.

Loose Shirts and Dresses

Loose shirts and dresses, especiallyA-line shirts and dresses or tunics are one of the best kind of styles to go for during pregnancy. These materials flow over the belly and therefore leave space for the growing midsection, keeping you comfortable. You can easily shop for these even on online sites such as Elle J which have a collection of comfortable dresses for expecting mothers. You can even wear these after you give birth while you are still carrying baby weight.

Comfortable Footwear

When it comes to footwear, it is better to put comfort before style. Flat shoes are comfier as well as safer and much easier to walk in than heels. During the pregnancyas you gain more weight, your feet often starts to swell, often in the later part of the pregnancy. To accommodate this situation flats are the best kind of footwear. Try to stick to flat sandals, slip ons, flat pumps and sneakers.

Exercise Clothes

Exercising for pregnant mothers is almost all the time recommended and approved by doctors as it helps to make sure that both the mother and the baby are in good health. When you are selecting clothing for exercises, make sure they are loose fitting and airy. Never choose tight materials and stick to fabrics that allow you breathing space and help to regulate the body temperature. Natural material such as cotton, spandex and linen are always better for pregnancy exercise clothes.

Belly Bands

If you are a huge fan of jeans and you do not want to stop wearing them duringpregnancy, then a bellyband is your solution. A belly band is a tube top shaped stretchy fabric that you can wear around your middle. It goes over the top of unzipped jeans or skirts and holds them up. The stretchy quality also leaves space for the growing belly making it much morecomfortable to wear skirts or jeans while being pregnant.

Choose Comfortable Bras

During the time of pregnancy, your breasts can get heavier or swollen and tender. Over the nine months, your chest could grow by at least a cup size. It is important that you select bras of an appropriate size since your breasts need to be supported. Buy a few new bras that fit you and have room to grow. Make sure your bra supports your back and shoulders without straining and always go for ones made of cotton materials.

Dressing in the right manner during the pregnancy, choosing the right kind of clothes, comfortable materials and sizesare important not just to make you comfortable but also for your health. Therefore,before you choose something,make sure that your comfort and safety comes first.


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