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Dietitians help us find solutions to help us live healthier lives. Whether it is managing a health condition or losing weight, they are the ones that help us manage our health through nutrition. Dietitians should not be interchanged with nutritionists since the two have different responsibilities. While dietitians plan food programs and encourage healthy eating habits to manage health conditions, nutritionists focus on the science of nutrients and how food influences health and diseases.

You can find a dietitian through referrals from your doctor, hospitals, pharmacies, and other allied healthcare centre. You may also post dietitian jobs online to reach more dietetics professionals that fits your preferences


Types of Dietitians

There are 4 types of dietitians each with different responsibilities. Read along to know which one do you need.

  • Clinical dietitian – They are the ones that work in clinics and hospitals. Mainly, they manage the nutrition of sick patients to help them recover quickly. They supervise food plans depending on the patient’s medical condition and tailor it to treat or manage their disease.
  • Community dietitian – You can find them on public health centers and agencies. They specialize in educating people on proper nutrition by promoting healthy eating habits and proper preparation of food to make it more nutritional. They deal with clients of all ages.
  • Management dietitian – They are the ones that work in facilities such as schools, prisons and companies. They specialize in meal management for large scale populations. Aside from healthy meal planning, they can also be employed in food manufacturing by analyzing nutritional content of certain food products for public awareness. They can also improve the nutritive value of products without decreasing its taste quality.
  • Consultant dietitian – They may work under a health facility or in their own private practice. These dietitians help patients stick to a diet regimen that aims to manage their health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure and weight loss. They also help athletes manage their nutrition by creating meal plans specially designed for athletic people.

Advantages of Consulting a Dietitian

One of the most important responsibilities of a dietitian is to continue improving the health of everyone in the community. Most people who consult with dietitians have health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and other problems. They can help you stick to a healthy meal plan without compromising taste and quality of the food you can eat. For people who can only have limited food intake, they help in making healthier food choices to meet the patient’s daily nutritional needs.

If you’re planning to lose or gain weight, a dietitian may suggest meal plans that promote healthy calorie sources or restricted eating plan. Most people who manage their weight tend to do crash dieting or eating binges which is not good for the body. Consulting with a dietitian helps you achieve your desired weight in a healthier way.

Finding a registered dietitian near you is easy. If you want to be assured that you’re making the right choices in your diet, seeking their help is the best decision you can have. Team up with one for a healthier new you.

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