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You may have seen the rise of a particular trend- stylish apparel that mixes in sportswear with daily living. It incorporates being fashionable and chic with that of a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle. So without further ado, how exactly can you style this look? Read on for a short guide on the subject.

Embrace Your Everyday Blending

It is routine to match a pair of sports shoes with your outfit to give it that edge, isn’t it? Well, that’s precisely the sort of blending you need to embrace. The smallest incorporation of sportswear leaves you closer and closer to achieving this look.

High-Performance Fabric

If you want to achieve this look, your clothing has to exude an aura of high quality and high performance fabric. Yet it must be stylish and chic. Keep an eye out for womens gym clothing that is above par when it comes to quality.


We might all be dying to jump on the bandwagon but you have to know where to draw the lines. Athleisure probably isn’t the right style to be wearing when you have work or a wedding but it sure is great for casual outings.


Accessorizing yourself when it comes to this particular style is pretty easy. A sports vibe is necessary of course- perhaps a cap or aviator sunglasses and when it comes to jewellery there is one simple go-to. Hoops- it’s not too over the top and simple enough to add value to your outfit. Less is more when it comes to this trend.

Fashion Fabrics

Feel free to mix up your fabrics. Especially when it comes to fabrics like leather and denim- you can actively mix these with sportswear. Layer them to come up with a chic look. For example, you can pair a sports bra with a leather jacket over and sweats to match. Complete it with your signature sneakers.


The cleanliness of your outfit speaks volumes when it comes to this style.  Make sure it looks like it’s in good condition. And any old outfit you throw on to go to the gym? Those mustn’t be worn in any other setting if you plan on adopting this trend.


Crop tops are a great way of incorporating some athletic wear into your outfit. In fact it’s the most common form of this style out there. Pair your crop top with tracksuit pants and your usual running shoes (only these running shoes will be in mint condition since they’ve only been used for casual outings) and you’re pretty much set to go.

Bright Colours

With this look, you won’t find too many flashes of colour so it’s best that you not go overboard when it comes to your colours and prints.

This particular style is not hard to maintain. And it doesn’t ask you to change your style and how you express yourself- it merely asks for you to reinterpret yourself and if you’re one for keeping up with the trends, this look will definitely give you that polished edge.

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