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Pregnancy is not always as magical and beautiful as many moms portray it to be. It can be quite scary and intimidating as well, especially for first-time moms. If you go into pregnancy hoping for it to be an extremely calm and out of the world experience, you might end up utterly disappointed. However, there are some instances that very lucky women go through very easy pregnancies but this does not mean that you base your own experience on theirs and feel bad or feel sad that your experience hasn’t exactly been on the positive end of the spectrum. Another thing to keep in mind is that usually when mothers talk about their own personal pregnancies they have the tendency to omit the bad stuff. They make their experience seem extremely beautiful all the while not mentioning the harder aspects of it. Your perspective of pregnancy should be drawn from only your own experience and must not be compared to another mother’s. Even comparing your first pregnancy to your second one can sometimes be stressful as the two can be drastically different. There are many ways to handle the harder side of pregnancy, it is all about keeping them in mind and altering your mindset to allow yourself to feel better.

The Ever-Changing Mood Swings

This is probably one of the harder aspects of pregnancy that many mothers struggle with. The mood swings experienced by mothers are none other than the changing hormones. As the baby is growing, the mother is constantly undergoing various changes in the body at the biochemical level. These changes affect the mother’s behaviour and alter her mood quite instantaneously. The first way to handle this and have a blissful maternity is to accept these mood swings instead of trying to counteract them. Every time you feel happy at one instant then sad or annoyed the next, just go with the flow. Allow yourself to feel what you feel at the moment and simply move on. You don’t have to reach into it too much and try to figure out why or try to avoid it.

The Physical Limitations and Pain

The physical pain you feel and the limitations that constrict you during pregnancy are unavoidable. During pregnancy, your body changes dramatically and some of these changes are not to the best, like for example: as your baby grows they begin to put pressure on your bladder causing you to go to the bathroom every five minutes. This can seem quite annoying especially having to go to the bathroom so many times with a huge belly, but again as I said, it is unavoidable. Instead of complaining about it and feeling annoyed at it, just try to picture your baby and how your baby is growing bigger inside you. Paint a beautiful picture that will keep you happy rather than focusing on the negativity and inconvenience to you. When in pain, rest; this is your time and you are entitled to plenty of resting time.

The Worry That You Will Never Look the Same

This is probably something that will run through a pregnant moms mind at some point: “Will I ever look the same again?” The answer to that is simply, no. You won’t look the same, you will look even better. You will be beaming with your pregnancy glow even after the birth, you will look more mature and much more beautiful than how you looked before. Your body will return to its normal size after a few months and you will begin to feel much better as well.

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