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Do you have that one friend who is in love with sports? That one person in your group of friends who always talk about their favourite sport, favourite team or their favourite payer? Or that one person who is dedicated to the sports they play? Whether they are just sports fans or a sport payer themselves, when it comes to selecting gifts for them, it is not hard to win their favour. All you have to do is find a sport related item for them. Check out the following gift ideas for the sports fan in your group.

T-Shirts and Jerseys

If your friend is someone who loves to brag about their favourite team, get them a t-shirt or a jersey of their favourite team, or even of their favourite player. This will give your friend the perfect chance to show how much of a fan they are and wear your gift whenever they like. You can add a personal touch to these t-shirts and also get them done with your friend’s name on the back to make them feel like they are a part of the team too. Most sportswear stores will have the team t-shirts but if you want to get a customized one done, you can talk to a t-shirt designing company.

Sports Posters

Another gift idea to try is sports posters. These are easy to find on many online sites. All you have to do is find a poster of your friend’s team or their favourite sports person. You can also find poster collections if you want to give them something larger than one poster. Sports poster books will have collections of sports photos of some of the most epic moments in sports history from one sport or various sports. If you are ordering these books online do it as early as possible so that you will get the gift before the day you plan on gifting it. If you are more of a DIY person, you can make your own sports poster album from old sports pictures.

Tickets to a Game

This is the perfect surprise birthday celebration for a sports fanatic. Gift them tickets for their favourite game or take them to see their favourite game on their special day. Once again, the internet will help you with booking tickets. Check the dates of the game and order your tickets online. But before you do book them, make sure your friend is free on the date of the game or your gift will lose its value. Try to make sure they keep the date safe without letting them figure out what you are planning.

Sports Gear

If your friend is a sports player themselves, you can gift those sports gear. A bag to carry all their sports equipment, or simply other items such as gloves, shoes or sports helmets depending on what sports they play are some of the items you can try. If you are very close and know the size of clothes they wear, you can actually buy them new sportswear and/ or shoes. Check out a site such as Brick City Villin to shop for some of the best sportswear you will find. If you are unsure about their size and what they like you can simply take them shopping for sports equipment and sportswear.

Giving your friends what they truly love is always better than traditional playing-it-safe gifts. Choosing to give them something they have always wanted will show them that you really know them and care about them.

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