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While your baby might not have the fears and worries that you do, having to contend with house bills, a social life, work life AND marriage life, you may think your baby has it easy. But he has come into this massive world where every single experience is new and larger than life for him. Dealing with this sensory overflow on a daily basis has similar physiological effects to what an adult would experience. For example, stress hormones would be released, and his heart rate increases. This would lead to a cranky baby, getting on your nerves since you simply don’t know how to make him stop. Here are some situations you’ll find your baby to be easily overworked and ways you can soothe that crankiness and relieve those furrows in his brow.

Grocery Stores

You need groceries and you can’t leave the baby at home so you have no choice but to take him with you and pray he doesn’t create a scene- but of course, as usual, he does. Now you have a fussy baby, howling away, in the middle of a crowded store and you don’t know how to make things better short of just doing a rush job with your groceries and heading home again. First let’s consider why he might have had this outbreak at all. Well, there’s lights, rows of new objects, plenty of strangers cooing at him- it’s a sensory overload for him to say the least. The best thing for you to do is to ensure skin-to-skin contact to offer him some protection and let him listen to the sound of your heartbeat. But if that’s not a possibility then bring one of your scarves from home that has your scent on it and tuck it in beside him. Familiar scents often help frustrated babies calm down.

Lack of Attention

Your baby is used to having instant responses and a hundred percent attention from you. The second that’s gone he starts playing up. So, you essentially can’t work any personal time into your schedule. Well, that’s only partially true. You need to have one eye on your baby at all times and be quick with your responsiveness as studies have shown that attentive caregivers raise babies who are better at coping with stress. This doesn’t mean you should give up that phone call with your friend or that book you were reading entirely. Just let your baby know that you hear her and haven’t forgotten her when she’s trying to get your attention. Do this by dangling a rattle or smiling at her.


Your little one is obviously more susceptible to breakdowns when tired. Once you catch wind of this, quickly snatch him up and rock her. This motion almost always soothes a tired infant and tends to put them to sleep too. If your baby is going through his teething phase and is extra cranky than usual, you’ll want to browse wooden teethers so you can get some relief to his sore gums fast and stop him from getting overworked.

These are the top 3 ways to soothe your baby. Remember, it’s all about fast responses and positive ones at that.

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