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“Eat your veggies and do not play with your food!”

“Do not eat too much of sweets and candy!”

“Junk food is unhealthy for the body!”

Exactly how many times have we all heard these lines from our frustrated parents? Well, probably once in two days. And these words have stuck to our minds like a plague. Although we don’t seem to follow much of it. throughout our lives, we have known with certainty that healthy food keeps us healthy and unhealthy food makes us fat and sick. But we all know that those pizza nights, burger dates and ice cream carnivals kept us happily alive. Exaggeration much? But it is totally true.

Now that we are all grown up we seem to notice how different food affect our bodies and how our bodies look different from others. And we are more conscious of what we consume and what we don’t. We understand our allergies and what food causes indigestion or a restriction in bowel movements. But when we face these health problems way too often, it is not healthy. No matter what excuse you have up your sleeve, it is only going to deteriorate your health. This is when you should consult a dietician.

Who Is A Dietician And How Can They Help You?

Dieticians are extremely qualified and professional experts in the field of nutrition, health, and body. They diagnose our health issues, assess it thoroughly and give us professional advice and plans on how to overcome those problems. A problem can only be solved when you understand why the problem is there. Without knowing the root cause, you cannot treat yourself at home. It could be dangerous and potentially lead to other distressing issues.

Dieticians are experts at what they do. They help the clients to maintain healthy health by implementing nourishing meals, they teach their patients food management techniques and conduct thorough nutritional research. Dieticians educate their patients on the best nutrition plan for them. They also suggest exercise routines. The dietitian life includes these typical day to day activities.

When To Consult A Dietician?

These are a couple of instances when we must seek the help of a dietician.

  1. When you suffer from digestive issues.
  2. When you have been diagnosed with medical conditions like diabetes, chronic diseases, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, HIV and so on.
  3. When you have oral, enteral, parenteral nutrition requirements.
  4. When your child has some special nutritional requirements
  5. When you want to shed weight in a healthy and sensible manner.
  6. When you consider options like surgery to lose weight.
  7. When you wish to improve your general fitness levels.
  8. When you require advice regarding breastfeeding and weaning.
  9. When you have an allergy or intolerance to certain foods.
  10. When you want to seek advice regarding the eating disorder.
  11. When you are a carer and need advice in order to take proper care of your responsibility.

There are many other reasons when and why we must seek a dietician’s advice and follow it to live a healthier life. Ignoring problems can lead to other problems. To seek the right advice, consult your closest dietician.

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