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Work burnout is completely on the rise in our more recent years. With the dawn of social media, those involved in advertising, PR, marketing etc. find themselves pushed to the brink 24/7. This takes its toll on both your mental and physical health and could very well cost you your sanity. If you find yourself drained, negative all the time and feel like a burnout is around the corner, here’s what you can do:


Everyone has their own release that helps them get everything out of their system. Usually it helps if it’s a more physically exerting action to get rid of all your excess, anxious energy and frustration but even something like playing a video game would work. Really, it comes down to your personal preference. Head to a gym in Fitzroy north or stay indoors and meditate, all that matters is that you find a way to release that pressure inside you.

No Alcohol/Caffeine

These drinks and substances are something we find ourselves resorting to get through a tough workload. It has become a stress relief. But what happens when your workload only increases and you have to increase your stress relief along with it? A dependency is born. So you’ll want to switch out the unhealthy stress reliefs for something a little healthier. While caffeine products and alcohol do provide short term relief, they put more stress on your physical body long-term.

Change in Duties

Sometimes all we need is a little change of pace. Change up your responsibilities if possible and add different duties to your plate. Instead of working on the same clients that you’ve been slaving away on for months now, take up a different account. If you’re good at what you do, your company would rather sort this out for you than have you walk away. So this step really depends on you being great at your job!

Open Up

And of course as much as you try to physically exert this frustration out of you, you’re going to need someone to have a heart-to-heart with and get everything off your chest. If you’re not comfortable speaking your thoughts out loud, write a letter to the participant that fuels your aggression- DO NOT SEND IT. Just pour out all your feelings and then just get rid of the paper.

Work Environment

If you’re working with an ad agency, chances are you’ll be allowed to work remotely every now and then. If so, then it’s high time you stepped away from your usual desk and took a trip out to a coffee shop or the park for some divine inspiration. What you shouldn’t do however is take the opportunity to work from home. You’re already experiencing a lot of negative emotions associated with your work so you don’t have to take that home with you too!

Work burnout can be incredibly draining and make you question your place on the corporate ladder. Once you feel it building up, do everything you can to release this energy- make use of the above tips!

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