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Who doesn’t want to have flawlessly blooming skin? Almost everyone would love to maintain the beautiful glow of their skin no matter how young or old they are. Aside from having a positive effect on how people see you, it also adds up to your confidence when you know that you’re looking your best all the time. With so many skin care products and brands out there, it might be confusing on finding which ones you should use and how to use them properly. To keep that beautiful and glowing skin, here’s a simple skin care routine guide to help you start the day.


Before applying any skin care product or makeup on your skin, be sure to cleanse it first to remove excess oils and dirt. If you have sensitive skin, splashing your face with warm water and gently scrubbing it is a gentle way to clean it. You may opt for a facial cleanser that is designed for your skin type when needed to be sure that your skin is perfectly prepped before applying on any product. Natural cleansers are the best because they don’t have harsh ingredients that could dry or irritate the skin. Organic cleansers such as paw paw products are popular today as seen on a current affair. Try it out now and feel the difference yourself.

Tone the Skin

After cleansing, balance your skin by applying a toner on slightly damp skin. While some people skip this part, it is actually an essential part of every skin care regimen because toners act as a vehicle in proper absorption of vitamins, antioxidants and other active ingredients found in skin care products.

Apply Serum Treatments

Serums are rich in nutrients and are concentrated treatments that are made to address various skin issues. One of the most common forms of serums are antioxidants which offer a variety of skin benefits – from UV protection to blocking out oxidizing effects of daily pollutants. Serums should be applied as close as possible to the skin to experience its full effects.

Apply an Eye Cream

After applying the serum, don’t forget to apply an eye cream to maintain your eyelid skin. It is recommended that eye creams should be applied at least twice a day – at morning and before bedtime. This is to maintain the health of the eyelid skin by preventing collagen loss and formation of fine lines. It requires proper maintenance to keep the skin around the eyes flawless and elastic that’s why it is advised to start using an eye cream even if you’re still in your 20s.


Although our skin has its own way of moisturizing itself through oil glands, we still need that extra moisture especially when we’re exposed to the harsh sun, chemicals, and other factors that damage our skin. Pick a moisturizer that is suited for your skin type and be sure to apply it while the skin is still damp to lock-in our skin’s much needed hydration for the day. You may also opt for moisturizers with sunscreen benefits for that extra protection your skin needs.

It takes the right kind of care to achieve and maintain a beautifully glowing skin. Follow these simple regimens and see for yourself.

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