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Have you had that day where you return back from work and realize you have not had the time to eat anything substantial throughout the day? Or you have just been snacking on healthy food which has not helped with your diet. Skipping meals and not eating regularly are some of the biggest contributors to weight gain and bad nutrition.

You may think that the doughnut you munch on instead of lunch is not going to do much, however it can have a lasting effect. The other bad outcome of snacking is not just weight gain but also gastritis and indigestion. Repeatedly skipping meals or having food that is not substantial can take a toll on your health in the long term. So how does one as busy as you make sure to stay healthy even with a tight schedule.

Make time

We all have bust schedules but it is through those schedules that we learn discipline. No job on earth is as important as your health, when people say health is wealth, they really mean it. This past year has been sufficient proof of the saying.

So, one of the most important things is to discipline yourself to make time for a quick lunch or breakfast that is not junk or curb side food, however tasty it may be. Whichever meal you give your attention to make sure it is a balanced and nutritious meal to make up for all the skipping and slacking you do.

Eat healthy snacks

We have all heard this one plenty of times, the healthy snacks where you can eat a packet of them but not feel full. The secret to healthy does not mean just light it means substantial. Munching on a few nuts for lunch is not going to cut it as a healthy snack. It will probably leave you so hungry you might resort to junk food eventually.

However, a healthy snack should be something that fills you up but does not contain the carbs and oil that junk food does. This too has various options such as Hummus which is chick pea with flat bread, whole grain bread or oats with yoghurt are a few you can try. On top of that raw beetroot crackers are something different to try if you have not already. It may sound strange but you should try it before summing up your conclusion.

Staying hydrated

Drinking water may not solve your hunger but your body needs it much more than you realize. Drinking water is the only way your body gets to flush out all the acids and toxins built sometimes by the body itself.

Not drinking enough water can lead to kidney stones and worse complications later in life. A minimum of 3 litters of water should be drunk a day regardless of where you are. If you in an air-conditioned environment then more reason for you to continue to drink water any time you can.

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