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Cream chargers, also known as nangs, refer to the steel cylinder that is filled with nitrous oxide and is used in a variety of culinary purposes. Nitrous oxide is greatly effective in aerating whipped cream, making it look fluffier and increase its volume significantly.

This gas is safe to use in culinary settings, making it increasingly popular among food businesses as well as domestic use. As long as you follow the steps on how to use it, nangs are relatively easy to understand and use.

There are a variety of uses of nangs in the culinary setting. Here are some of the common uses of nangs.

Whipped Cream

As its name suggests, one of the main uses of nangs is for whipped cream. The nitrous oxide inside the canister reacts with the cream, making it look foamier and increase in volume significantly. This kind of whipped cream looks definitely perfect when placed on any kind of dessert or drink. Although you can whip a cream manually, using a cream charger does this job faster and easier – saving you time and energy. If you need a cream charger for your kitchen or business, get the best ones delivered straight to your door with a Nang delivery.


If you have tried whipping up the perfect mousse, you know how much time, energy and patience you need in order to achieve that perfect texture. You need to make sure that the peaks are stiff enough to look great on desserts. With a nang, this task is definitely made a lot easier and effortless. All you need to do is use it like when you’re whipping up cream since the science behind these two is almost the same. Then, you’ll have the perfect mousse all the time.

Carbonated Drinks

Nangs can also be used to create naturally carbonated drink anytime you like. It works almost similarly when you’re whipping cream or creating mousse. However, you just need to substitute the carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks with nitrous oxide instead. Simply load your favorite juice or drink into the canister and you could turn it into a delicious fizzy drink you’d surely love.


These days, alcoholic cocktails are made more aesthetically pleasing by infusing foams and froth into it. Traditionally, it is made by shaking egg whites in a shaker. However, this process takes up so much time and energy from the maker. It would really be tiring if you do this a lot in one setting.

However, if you use a nang, you could now make foams and froth easy in a breeze. Aside from that, you could also add more aroma and flavour into the foam, making it more appealing unlike when you use egg white foam. With a nang, you could now create more foam effortlessly giving you more time and energy to tend to customers in a busy bar.

With so many uses in the kitchen, it is definitely worth it to invest in a couple of nangs if you love experimenting and creating visually appealing food and drinks.

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